2011 – The year in music

Here’s one from Jay-Z and Kanye West. Check out other 2011 favorites from the Grantland staff.

Britney Spears caps a big 2011

We’ve put together a nice slideshow of Britney Spears to celebrate her successful 2011. Her huge Femme Fatale tour was a massive success. She even has a fiance now, so it’s been a pretty good year.

Just several years ago she was the queen of celebrity trainwrecks, but she seems to have gotten her stuff together. Today Lindsay Lohan has taken over that crown.

How did Britney do it? Who knows, but taking it easy on the partying had to have something to do with it.

Here are some great video highlights of Britney as well covering many of her music videos and other clips.

Ramones live

Crank up the volume!

More mobile music

Smartphones and tablet computers dominated the holiday gift season, so more and more people will now have mobile gadgets that give them access to their music. Of course Apple was one of the winners, as the iPhone and the iPad were huge hits. Also, younger kids expect gifts like the iPod Touch if they can’t get the more expensive items.

Then you have the emergence of Amazon with the Kindle Fire. It didn’t get the best reviews, but at $199 it was an incredibly popular gift this year. The good thing for Amazon is that it brought a host of new people over to their ecosystem to sell them music, books, movies and TV shows. This makes them a real competitor to Apple and the iTunes store.

Amazon has tons of older customers who have been buying eBooks for years through older Kindles. Not they can market music and games to them as well. This will also drive more online gaming, even with older users who like things like bingo and poker over games kids like. New smartphones and tablets like the Kindle Fire will make it easier for them to play bingo online, or to download their favorite songs.

The landscape out there for digital content and entertainment just keeps changing. The music industry now has Pandora and Spotify competing with iTunes. It will be interesting to see how iTunes holds up with these new trends and without Steve Jobs.

Melanie Amaro wins X Factor

Here’s a look back at Melanie Amaro’s audition. Pretty awesome.

Will Adele sweep the Grammys?

This video from Adele – “Rolling in the Deep” – has over 188 million views. Wow!

It’s a stunning song and she is an incredible new artist. She’s talented and very unique. She’s not just following trends as she sets her own path. Of course the video is excellent as well.

It’s always fun to see an artist come in and shake everything up. With the upcoming Grammys, is there any doubt that Adele is going to have a big night?

These are the kinds of things fans love arguing about, and betting on! The interest in entertainment betting odds keeps growing, the award shows like the Grammys are always a big hit. People love to guess stuff like this and the participate in office pools or games online. People can have fun with reviews and gossip, but there’s nothing like competition to get the fans going. Remember when Kanye opened his big mouth? People love controversy!

Grateful Dead – “Dark Star” 10/18/74

Light up and enjoy!

Dark Star 10/18/74 from Mark Messina on Vimeo.

Lil Bow Wow – Basketball

Basketball and hip hop music have always gone together as both are very popular in urban areas. It’s also popular in the suburbs as well. Here’s a great video from Bow Bow on the subject which captures the passion for the sport.

Even with all the problems the NBA is having with the lockout and contracts for million of dollars, kids still love basketball for the game. All you need is a ball and a hoop, and all of a sudden a group of kids can stay occupied for hours.

For this reason, the sports has remained popular in both urban and suburban environments, though playgrounds, school gyms or hoops put in driveways.

With the holiday season rolling around, basketball goals for the driveway can make for a great family gift. Imagine how excited most kids would be to have their own hoop in their own driveway. They can play with their friends, and their parents as well.

Madonna picked for Super Bowl halftime show

Does the NFL know what it’s doing? Madonna is an amazing performer and she’s a great pick for the Super Bowl halftime show in so many ways. But . . . she sort of likes to be provocative and do her own thing. I’m betting the negotiations here were pretty touch and the NFL gets to approve all aspects of the show.

Katy Perry parties on Friday night

This video by Katy Perry has 139 million views and I just heard the song for the first time. I knew I was getting old . . . but this is ridiculous.

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