Man-About-MySpace: A New Dawn

Oh my gosh.

So, just poking around for new angles on MySpace Music led to a Digg article on Band Jammer spyware developed by devious hackers who, apparently, feel that there’s money to be made by busting into bad Dutch metal bands’ MySpaces.

The Digg piece linked to this great FaceTime Security Labs breakdown of how Band Jammer preyed on MySpace Music pages, and who was the first victim they used in their example? Heh, heh. Why, none other than your Man-About-MySpace group of the week: A New Dawn, the Netherlands’ finest crap-metal band, which has apparently been unjammed, because there’s no evidence of spyware there anymore, at least as I write this tonight. Clearly the class of Europe, A New Dawn is loaded with babes on stage, including this beauty worthy of Bullz-Eye:


The music–a very 1990s beyond-Metallica hardcore sound, with very serious, solemn female vocals floating atop the familiar barking, growling thrash-guitar dude–probably isn’t many people’s cup of tea. But someone likes them, as A New Dawn’s racked up nearly 20,000 friends, and–like Motley Crue’s never seen a state-fair shed it wouldn’t play–appears to hit every single metalfest The Continent has to offer. But don’t take our word for it, check out this riveting performance of their composition “Veil of Charity” and judge for yourself :


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