Graeham Goble, “Someone’s Taken Our History”

You young punks are probably too young to remember how great the Little River Band used to be…and you old bastards who remember the LRB but think I’m overstating their talent are apparently senile and have forgotten how phenomenal their harmonies were on “Happy Anniversary,” “Cool Change,” “The Night Owls,” “Reminiscing,” and so many other classics.

Over the years, though, the band’s line-up has changed rather a lot, with original members leaving, coming back, and leaving again. Nowadays, there’s literally no-one from the original line-up in the band anymore…and, frankly (and unsurprisingly), it rather annoys the band’s founders that there’s basically a LRB cover band touring the world and playing songs they had nothing to do with writing.

Well, the band’s original guitarist, Graeham Goble, has just released a solo album – The Days Ahead – and tackled this annoyance via a song entitled “Someone’s Taken Our History.” You can check it out at his official MySpace page…and you should, because it really captures the old LRB feel…but in the meantime, you can get an idea of how he feels by reading a sampling of the lyrics:

“Someone’s taken our history
Someone’s taken our songs for free
We wrote the words and the melody
Now someone else sings our harmony
Every night when the lights are low
In the darkness, they play our show
Just as if they were really us
They get on the bus
And they don’t say a word”



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