Joseph Arthur: Foreign Girls EP

Coming hot the heels of this past June’s stellar, ethereal Vagabond Skies, Foreign Girls ends modern day Renaissance man Joseph Arthur’s 2008 EP extravaganza with a whisper instead of a bang. This semi-acoustic-based set of six short songs comes and goes with barely enough time to register, except for the impression that the vocals aren’t totally on point in “Foreign Girls” and “Candy and Cars.” Its electronic flourishes also come off as gimmicky rather than essential (especially on the otherwise decent tune “Stay”), though “New Satisfaction” strikes the best balance between Arthur’s electronic and acoustic tendencies, makes effective use of falsetto, and ends the disc on a high note. Otherwise, the EP feels less like a cohesive set of tunes than a collection of leftovers. Maybe he’s saving the big guns for his upcoming full-length album, Temporary People, in September. After this wacky year-long set-up of four EPs, one would certainly hope so. (Lonely Astronaut 2008)

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