Chase & Status: The Creative Concept Behind “Flashing Lights”

It’s hard to believe MTV started as a hosting platform for music videos. Flash-forward some thirty years and the channel is a mere shell of its piloting concept. Reality TV now dominates the slots that were once intended for ‘music television,’ but given our generation’s lackluster videos it may have worked out for the better. In recent years, creativity has taken a back-burner to the generic glorification of riches, bitches and “YOLO” fever. With all the ways to showcase talent, I don’t understand why I see the same stock models rotated around for different videos.

I’m a believer that creative video concepts can amplify a musician’s appeal. Visionary artists who detour from the ordinary will often generate intrigue due to their avant-garde approach. Just take the London-based duo, Chase & Status, as a prime example.

Chase & Status are music producers who have created a fortune by navigating away from the norm. The eclectic pair won ‘Best Video’ for their song, “End Credits,” at the 2010 Q Awards, in addition to several nominations for their original and collaborative mixes. Their 2011 “Flashing Lights” video is now regarded as a sinister success; coupling macabre undertones with a buildup of dubstep, break-beat rhythms.

I found “Flashing Lights” to be the perfect blend of drama and drums, but what’s your opinion? Is this video the new wave of creative expression, or the projection of your nightmares?


Video Vault – The Wallets

“Totally Nude,” kids.


Video Vault – Glenn Frey

Yeah, OK, so I was 11 years old when this song came out and at the time wasn’t really aware that Mr. Frey had been in the Eagles before this. Not that it would have mattered; I remember thinking how bad this song sucked then, and it still sucks now. But sometimes we have to look to our past to not make the same mistakes now. So here is “Sexy Girl” from The Allnighter.

And for some reason…this song still didn’t stop me from buying the equally sucky album it was taken from way back when. See what I mean about making mistakes?


Video Vault – Frank Zappa

“Watermelon in Easter Hay” live, 1988.


Video Vault – Mika

“Lollipop.” I know Meds’ll be happy I picked this one, since apparently it was good/bad enough to mention in one of his more recent year-end lists. Enjoy the cavities.