Van Morrison victim of a hacker

Van Morrison

Earlier in the week, news hit that Van Morrison had a new son. Turns out, the Irish Cowboy’s website was hacked.

Two days ago, Morrison’s Web site posted a message announcing the birth of his new son, George Ivan Morrison III.

Yet, on the eve of the New Year the singer says the message was hacked onto his site by an unknown prankster, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

In a statement, the 64-year-old legend said the claims of him being a new father are “completely and utterly” unfounded.

The posting has since been taken down.

The original statement claimed Morrison’s touring producer, Gigi Lee, had given birth to the boy, and that the son was “the spitting image of his daddy.”

“Claims were made relating to my personal life in a ‘statement’ purporting to come from me,” Morrison said in a statement. “The comments which appeared on my Web site did not come from me. They are….without foundation.

“For the avoidance of all doubt, and in the interest of clarity,” he continued, “I am very happily married to Michelle Morrison, with whom I have two wonderful children.”

Some people have too much time on their hands.


Reel Big Fish: Fame, Fortune and Fornication

Covers are nothing new to Reel Big Fish. They gave A-ha’s “Take on Me” the full blown ska treatment, offered a doo wop version of “New York, New York” and reggaed Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution” on past releases. In 2007, they joined with Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer in splitting an EP of covers and offering co-lead vocals on each other’s tracks on the tremendous Duet All Night Long. Fame does make you smile because Aaron Barrett and his merry band of nuts are as funny as they are talented, but if falls short of Duet because too much of it is simply ska versions of very familiar material. They do sound like they are having fun (as they always do), but these versions lack the fire and enthusiasm that the Duet record captures. Highlights of this quick-hitting 30-minute record, which features covers of Poison (two, actually), Van Morrison, John Mellencamp, and Tom Petty, include a reggae-soaked take on the Eagles’ “The Long Run” and the minimalist duet between Barrett and Tatiana DeMaria (from the Rock/Punk outfit Tat) on Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me,” which is comprised of a rhythm guitar track, handclaps and an excellent and understated vocal performance. Fame has its moments and is more like an after dinner mint then a meal. (Rock Ridge Music)

Reel Big Fish MySpace page


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