Glen Campbell to go out with bang of an album

Glen Campbell has been producing studio magic for decades, but he’s not ready to step away from the industry until recording one final album, which happens to include a slew of talented performers.


Glen Campbell is collaborating with Jakob Dylan, Chris Isaak, Paul Westerberg, Bob Pollard and others on “Ghost on the Canvas,” which is slated to be the veteran artist’s farewell album.

Producer Julian Raymond tells that the album’s basic tracks have been recorded in Los Angeles, with orchestra sessions slated for April 2. Campbell is currently negotiating with several major labels to release the album, which will be supported with a farewell tour. “It’s not your mother’s Glen Campbell,” Raymond says of the project. “He’s playing guitar better than ever, singing and writing better than ever. It’s really going to be a great final statement from him.”

Campbell is still looking for an album deal, so why don’t you crack open that piggy bank and do the guy a favor.


Paul Westerberg finally signs with a label

I sincerely wanted Paul Westerberg to find success with his digital albums, but he really made it tough on those who wanted to purchase them. In 2008, he released the 49:00 on Amazon and TuneCore, but it was quickly removed, supposedly because of the cover medley. A new song, “5:05,” was put up in its place. Three songs followed — also in mp3 format — to little or no fanfare.

Nearly a year later, “PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys” emerged, available exclusively on Amazon. Rather than work with labels, Westerberg was becoming a bit too comfortable releasing music on his own. It’s all well and good to have the rights to your songs, but this guy deserves some decent promotion and representation.

Now he does. Westerberg has joined forces with publishing powerhouse Bug Music.

Per American Songwriter:

Under the terms of the deal, Bug Music and Westerberg have entered into a publishing agreement encompassing Westerberg’s recordings with The Replacements, solo works and future recordings.

“We look forward to working with Paul’s Replacements and solo catalogs,” said Eddie Gomez, Sr. VP of Creative Services, Bug Music. “Paul is a major link in a respected chain of modern songwriters and his songwriting continues to resonate and influence a whole new generation of listeners.”

To be a musician, performer, and songwriter is a juggling act,” said Westerberg. “Throw in the bowling ball of publisher and it becomes downright work. The good people at Bug Music – I hear only of their imagination and proficiency – have stepped in to facilitate with Dry Wood, Elegant Mule, and Nah Music, leaving me free to augment my juggling feat with the flaming chain saw of snooker.”

Is a proper full-length on the way?


Paul Westerberg is a musical outlaw


While guys like Jandek painstakingly live by the restrictions of outsider art, Paul Westerberg has found a way to stick it to the music industry on his own terms. Frankly, he’s just not as weird as Jandek, and that’s more appealing to guys like me who like a certain amount of normalcy in their favorite musicians.

Last year, Westerberg dropped his full-length album, 49:00, out of nowhere. The digital album was originally sold on Amazon for 49 cents (the idea that you paid a penny a minute), but legal ramifications quickly marred the release. Since one currently can’t buy the album anywhere, it’s quickly become a collector’s item. (Actually, since a tangible format doesn’t even exist, I don’t know if we can call it an “item.” Somebody out there has those mp3s!)

Sticking to his do-it-yourself ethos, yesterday Westerberg self-released a new EP, entitled PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys. You can buy it here. Thankfully, the EP comes in both digital and disc versions. No press release; no promotion; no nothing. He just did it.

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