Paul Westerberg is a musical outlaw


While guys like Jandek painstakingly live by the restrictions of outsider art, Paul Westerberg has found a way to stick it to the music industry on his own terms. Frankly, he’s just not as weird as Jandek, and that’s more appealing to guys like me who like a certain amount of normalcy in their favorite musicians.

Last year, Westerberg dropped his full-length album, 49:00, out of nowhere. The digital album was originally sold on Amazon for 49 cents (the idea that you paid a penny a minute), but legal ramifications quickly marred the release. Since one currently can’t buy the album anywhere, it’s quickly become a collector’s item. (Actually, since a tangible format doesn’t even exist, I don’t know if we can call it an “item.” Somebody out there has those mp3s!)

Sticking to his do-it-yourself ethos, yesterday Westerberg self-released a new EP, entitled PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys. You can buy it here. Thankfully, the EP comes in both digital and disc versions. No press release; no promotion; no nothing. He just did it.

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