Kanye makes the most out of “The Jay Leno Show” premiere

If all else fails, cry. As a child, the tactic isn’t a guaranteed success, but as an adult it often works wonders. When somebody cries, especially in front of you, it’s nearly impossible to avoid considering their point of view. Kanye West wanted people to believe he was sorry for what he did to Taylor Swift (or, he just wanted people to like him again) and he resorted to the strategy in front of a large TV audience. Hats off to Jay Leno for giving him this opportunity during the comedian’s big premiere. I doubt “The Jay Leno Show” will often venture into these emotional forays, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea. The new program is virtually the same as the “Tonight Show” was under Leno’s reign. That’s why I’d love to see random appearances and pairings of musicians Leno’s made friends with over the years. As a reward for his loyalty, NBC should give Jay some freedom. Did Leno really want Jay-Z as his first musical guest? I doubt it.

Back to Kanye. Since I’ve never had any opinion on the hip-hopper, I’ve been able to take in this whole situation objectively. This whole catastrophe actually arose from a feeling we’ve all had at some point or another: the inability to sit idly by while witnessing something wrong. Kanye’s actions on Sunday stemmed from his passion for an ideal society where quality music is recognized. He’s openly stated in the past that he feels awards shows are rigged. He’s completely right as far as the VMAs are concerned, but a single celebrity’s “stand” is not going change the show forever. Kanye willingly became part of the MTV system when he agreed to enter his music videos and perform at the VMAs in the past. Yes, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was much “better” than Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Kanye felt this was an injustice. In terms of art, Beyonce was slighted, but considering this was the MTV Video Music Awards, nothing was out of whack. In his off-the-cuff interview on “The Jay Leno Show,” Kanye says his “dream of what awards shows are supposed to be” in effect caused Taylor Swift’s pain. Given his talent and prior statements, I believe him. But Kanye, these were the VMAs, put on by MTV. You’ve been around for some time now — you know how the game works. Next time you want to make a public statement about the music industry, think it through beforehand. I’m not saying the message needs to be appropriate, but the time and setting better be.


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