Adolfo Lazo: On Tape

Generic indie-rock that would be better if Lazo wasn’t doing the singing. His nasally voice would have been a wonder had he been working in a band like Camper Van Beethoven, but alas he only has his plain white music to prop himself up. There’s nothing inherently terrible about the album, but it’s just another one of those indie shots that sounds like it was recorded for the artist’s own amusement rather than something to grab anyone else’s ears by. Of course, the two Spanish-infused tunes here (“Rey de Espana,” “Wall es tu Carrera”) sound like Santana Lite, and a third one (“Borracho”) is just plain silly filler. Suffice it to say that Adolfo Lazo isn’t a very interesting musician or singer, and this album certainly isn’t going to further his cause. It may have been better for everyone if he had kept this one on tape in a shoebox. (self-released)

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