Aaron Beaumont: Nothing’s Forever (Not Even Goodbye)

Maybe, as Aaron Beaumont suggests in the title of his recently reissued debut album, nothing is forever – no, not even goodbye – but some things do come awfully close, and on that list, tastefully ragtime-drenched piano playing and the smooth croon of a natural pop vocalist must rank awfully high. That’s good news for Beaumont, whose Nothing’s Forever (Not Even Goodbye) is filled with impeccably crafted, pleasantly retro songs that rescue piano pop from the arch snarkiness of late-period practitioners like Ben Folds – while avoiding the occasionally nauseating heights of seriousness attained by, say, Jack’s Mannequin. While Nothing’s Forever isn’t as consistent as it could be – obvious singles like the instantly charming “Julia” are offset by a handful of tracks that fade quickly into the background – it’s simply too smart and well-written to dislike, and since Beaumont had the extreme good sense to limit the track listing to 10 songs and just under 45 minutes, it’s too breezy to wear out its welcome. Matter of fact, this is that rarest of 21st-century beasts: an album that warms to the ear with repeated listens, rather than breeding contempt. In lesser hands, Beaumont’s extremely retro vibe would be nothing but a flimsy gimmick, but he’s clearly a songwriter who understands the difference between the strongly nostalgic and the simply timeless. Here’s hoping he gets the opportunity to grow into his aspirations. (Milan 2008)

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