R.I.P. Joe Cocker

Here’s Joe Cocker from Woodstock in 1969.

Taylor Swift is dominating the music business

Taylor Swift 1989

This article from BusinessWeek sums it all up:

It’s a Friday afternoon in early November, 11 days after the debut of 1989, which Swift, who came up in Nashville’s country music scene, described in an August Yahoo! Live stream as “her very first, documented, official pop album.” In 1989’s first week, 1.29 million copies were sold. That was 22 percent of all album sales in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. It’s the largest sales week for a record since Eminem’s The Eminem Show in 2002, and the biggest release in the past two years by far, topping heavy hitters such as Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Lady Gaga. That week, Swift had five songs on the Billboard Hot 100, including Shake It Off, the album’s first single, which was, and still is, sitting comfortably at No. 1. She also had two other albums on the Billboard 200—her 2012 album, Red, at No. 84, and her 2008 release, Fearless, on the chart for its 221st week, at No. 117.

This might bother many of you, but sugar pop has always been popular. Don’t sweat it.

5 Ways to Get Noticed in the Entertainment Industry

Are you a struggling artist? Do you wonder how to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other hopefuls on the web? While there’s no single secret to success, you can beat the odds if you’re smart, diligent and prepared for all possibilities. Here are just five tips for finding success in the music biz.

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The Orwells – “Who Needs You”

I’m not a big fan of the lyrics, but this song rocks.

Ricky Martin Tour Dates and Concert Tickets Announced

Ricky Martin tour dates and concert tickets were just announced — he’ll be touring Australia from 25 April to 8 May 2015.

Martin is currently the voice coach on the hit Aussie talent show “The Voice,” capping a pioneering Latin pop career. Martin brought the Latin genre to the world starting in the late 1990s with his English-language debut album “Ricky Martin,” which marked his breakout from an already successful Spanish-speaking career in Puerto Rico.

Ricky Martin started his career at the age of 12, singing with the all-boys group Menudo in Puerto Rico. Following five years performing with the group, he released a number of Spanish solo albums during the 1990s and worked as an actor both on stage and on Mexican TV. He starred in the US soap opera General Hospital in 1994, where he played a Puerto Rican singer.

His first major appearance was the 1999 performance “The Cup of Life” at the Grammy Awards, which helped bring Latin pop to the US music world. Following that, Martin’s English-language single “Livin’ La Vida Loca” brought him global success, including many Grammy awards. The single was followed by a world tour, which sold out across the UK, US, and Australia — in fact, according to many critics Livin’ La Vida Loca opened the door for many other Latin artists (like Shakira, J-Lo, and Enrique Iglesias) to cross the Spanish-English language barrier.

Livin’ La Videa Loca is generally credited as the song that began the 1999 Latin pop explosion. The single has sold over 8 million copies, making it one of the best-selling singles in history.

Martin has collaborated with some of the pop world’s biggest names — a duet in Spanish and English with Madonna and another with Janet Jackson. His second English-language album, Sound Loaded, sold over 8 million copies around the world and went double-platinum in Australia. The album’s hits included the song “She Bangs” and “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely,” a duet with Christina Aguilera.

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