Taylor Swift with Mick Jagger

Here’s a great photo of the lovely Taylor Swift in a short black dress onstage with Mick Jagger. It’s a cool photo and her legs look amazing, but could you imagine the old-school Rolling Stones inviting a pop star like her onstage?

Music Slots Games

For those who enjoy playing slot machine games, often the themes of certain games are what they find appealing. In fact, some players choose which slot machine games to place on the theme. Sometimes the theme is something in which they are interested such as music. Popular music from today is often used in slot machine themes as well as musical trends from the past.

For pop music fans, one slot machine game that holds a lot of appeal is the X Factor slot machine. Based upon the popular music TV show, X Factor, this slot machine has incorporated different aspects of the show into the game. For example, the free spin feature has been dubbed boot camp which can provide players with free spins. In the game, stars can be collected which when they amount to 10, advance players to the live final where they can potentially win even more money. The bonus round features the judges from the show. When three or more judge logos appear, a multiplier is applied to that wager made on that winning payline. With three logos, the bet is increased 20x while four logos increase it 50x. Five icons provide the biggest payout with 200x. Not only do pop fans find the theme fun but they love the many chances it provides to win big.

Some slot machine games focus on past music such as with the game, Vinyl Countdown. Revolving around pop culture of the 1950’s, this machine uses vinyl records in its theme. The game has a total of 9 paylines scattered on five reels. The symbols on these reels all come from the 1950’s. One is a male singer which bears a striking resemblance to rocker Elvis Presley. A female with the characteristic ponytail is another symbol. The wild symbol in the game is a jukebox symbols which can appear on the three middle reels. The glittering ball is the scatter symbol which can lead to further winnings even if not on an activated payline. These music themed slots games and many more are available at CasinoOnline.co.nz.

The Ultimate Girls’ Night In Playlist

There’s a lot of debate over what the perfect night with friends would be like. The venue, food and travel can differ, but there’s usually one constant – a fun soundtrack. Songs can really help to set the mood of a night in or out, but when outside, you can’t control what you’re listening to.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for a big girls’ night in. It’s possible to play any song of your choice at home, but which songs are the most popular, and why are they chosen so much? In the UK, a survey conducted by Ladbrokes Bingo revealed some surprising (and not so surprising) choices.

Tuned in

Some of the stats from the survey revealed that being able to control what music they can listen to was a major reason behind staying in instead of heading out to the nearest nightclub or bar. A considerably large 38% of respondents said staying in meant they could choose their own music.

Other reasons were given in the survey for wanting to have a night in. 18% stated that they could do karaoke from the comfort of their own living room, while 13% liked the idea of playing their favourite songs as loudly or quietly as they wanted to.

Back to the 80’s

The gaming firm also asked women about what songs they would like to play during a girls’ night in. The list of popular songs features a number of classics from the 1980’s, when many online bingo fans will have been in their teens or early 20’s, but some of them might not seem like ideal party tunes.

Perhaps the best party tune of the 1980’s was this one-hit wonder by Dead or Alive. Even though Pete Burns’ outfit failed to score any other hits, this is still a favorite among women (and men) who were growing up at the time.

Get your hairbrush out

One of the joys of a night in is being able to sing along to classics without having to worry about looking ridiculous in front of a big crowd. The list of songs from the survey has quite a few which are begging to be sung, no matter how badly!

Tina Turner’s rousing anthem is the ultimate “hairbrush” classic. Like many other songs mentioned during the survey, it’s practically an invitation to bellow at the top of your voice, especially when the night in is in full swing.

Winding down

Some of the songs such as Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” and R.E.M.’s “Stand” are a little more downbeat, but no less fun. They’re good to help end a night in, and often leave everyone feeling nostalgic, which is what makes choosing the music yourself so fun.

New song from Dido

Here’s Dido singing an acoustic version of “Girl Who Got Away.”

Usher wins a Grammy for ‘Climax’

Usher’s performance here is impressive.

Happy Valentine’s Day with Lucinda Williams

Here’s a nice, romantic video of “Right in Time” by Lucinda Williams. Send it to your lover today to get them in the mood.

The Heavy Resurrects Soul with “Can’t Play Dead”

As a self-professed anglophile and fiancee to one very cheeky Brit, I certainly appreciate the many aspects of our wry, Founding Fathers. From stodgy meals, statuesque cathedrals and sublime music, England is a nation enriched in all aspects: cuisine, culture and most importantly, creativity.

My most recent English example? Indie/blues/rock/soul/funk mash-up musicians known as The Heavy.

Hailing from Britain’s rain-sopped turf are The Heavy; four very talented lads who emerged onto the music scene circa early 2000s. Their most notable song, “How You Like Me Now?” has been featured in countless adverts, movies and video game trailers (and was the first tune that sparked my fan frenzy).

The Heavy reeks of rawness. They’re uncut and unparalleled artists who perform as well at gigs as they do on VEVO. I would know; I’ve frequented three of their concerts within the past two years, and have yet to be disappointed.

While The Heavy is relatively under-the-radar, their undeniable talent is worthy of high accolade. Take a peek at the ghoulish video for their new single, “Can’t Play Dead,” and let us know your take on this British, bass-heavy/bad-ass band.

Taylor Swift at the People’s Choice Awards

Here’s Taylor Swift, Favorite Country Artist Winner, during The People’s Choice Awards from the other night.which aired on the CBS Television Network.

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Adele grabs Oscar nomination

Adele has snagged an Oscar nomination for her James Bond theme from “Skyfall” while the film was snubbed. No Bond song has ever won an Academy Award for best song, but that category was a disgrace for years.

It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me: Gary Clark, Jr. Resurrects Classic Rock Vibes

While most kids ran around the park, scrapping elbows and playing Pirates, I sprawled out on my bed and copied the lyrics of my favorite Petula Clark song. My name is Melanie, and I am the oldest 25-year old that ever lived.

I was born with the heart of a 1960s hippie, twenty years too late. I blame my folks for this. My parents spent their youth as bell-bottomed teens with a penchant for the classics, particularly music birthed from Great Britain. In turn, they passed their “peace and love, man” ideals to yours truly. In middle school, I was the musically misplaced ‘oldies fanatic’ during ‘NSYNC mania. I hummed doo-wop songs before I even knew what  ‘hip-hop’ was, and Justin Timberlake had nothing on a young Paul McCartney, bowl-cut and all. (To this day, I’m pretty sure I can belt out any Beatles tune if you ask nicely.)

What’s the point of this pretentious anecdote? To showcase the moment I nearly lost faith in contemporary music, upon stumbling across Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video on MTV. Once I had processed the mind-numbing chorus of: “Baby, baby, baby, oh // Like baby, baby, baby, no // Like baby, baby, baby, oh // I thought you’d always be mine, mine,” I could only sit on the sofa, absolutely dumbfounded. I felt as if I had just witnessed the decline of all human effort, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the only person in the world who would actively campaign to get his songwriter fired.

To my relief, Bieber soon went bye-bye and a new video emerged like a musical Godsend. A solo artist named Gary Clark, Jr. swooped in to restore my optimism in the modern music industry. For the next five minutes, I was in guitar-riff heaven; captivated by this musician who shredded his way into my heart with a classic Gibson ES335.

Brazenly referred to as the modern-day Jimi Hendrix, Gary Clark, Jr. is the Texas-based crooner making waves with his commanding “cool cat” persona and fuzzy guitar rhythms. Though he has gained some notoriety on the indie-blues rock scene, Gary Clark, Jr. is relatively under wraps. For someone who has harnessed old-school influences to produce a modern blues vibe, this is one artist truly deserving of global recognition.

Listen to his first single, “Bright Lights,” a song chronicling his journey of self-exploration in the unforgiven metropolis of NYC. What’s your take on this up-and-coming artist? Is Gary Clark, Jr. the reincarnation of old-school rock?