Where have all the good times gone

Now don’t get me wrong when reading this bit. I fully appreciate getting the free music sent to us for review. I love music as much as I ever have, and never see that diminishing in my life. I love hearing those new artists that really get me excited, or an older group that I haven’t yet explored that makes me want to explore their entire catalog. But I’ll be damned if I just can’t get excited or be excited or thrill at all to actually going into a music section of a store shopping for music. What happened?

I remember growing up and feeding my addiction with my weekly allowance and just really digging it. And finding a new music store was always a thrill, too. Going into used vinyl shops was fun, and generally just being a music consumer in the store and purchasing the product was satisfying. Nowadays, though, I can’t care less if I go music shopping in a brick and mortar store. It probably has everything to do with the Internet and the ease of being able to basically find nearly anything at anytime for a price (or not). I remember when I lived in TN making a road trip out to Nashville every now and then to go to the Tower Records there and just spending hours looking around. Now it’s all down to a simple search and mouse click and it’s all mine.

My iPod probably has a lot to do with the change as well. Hauling around a bunch of CDs in my car to enjoy wasn’t something so far in my past. I used to dig making new mix CDs and listening to them through again and again much like back in the mix tape days. But now, having given myself fully to the thrills of my iPod, I can hardly imagine taking a CD wallet around and all thoise mix discs. It seems that all my previous excitement has been replaced by mere convenience. That’s not really a bad thing at all. I welcome change and the freedom the new technology gives me. I’ve alwats liked the latest stereo gadgets. Shit, I even believed in the MiniDisc format there briefly.

But in addition to technology changing things…maybe it’s also just that there really aren’t music stores themselves anymore. Big box stores changed a lot of that with the Internet. It’s a shame in a way, but then again, to me it isn’t at the same time as I do love that push button convenience of the modern world. And I suppose the act of collecting the music itself has filled that void of going to the store and basking in the glow of the racks of releases. Someday, though, when the format is finally kaput, those CDs are going to seem as imposing as all those damn tapes I don’t listen to anymore. Someone bring a shovel or two.


Jared Leto is the new Winona Ryder


He hasn’t started shoplifting. And it’s not his new goth-black hairdo — which makes him look more like Clay Aiken via k.d. lang, anyway. No, Jared has been crowned the new Winona because he just can’t seem to keep himself from seducing all the hot new names in movies and music…no matter where they’ve been.

Granted, Winona mostly restricts herself to grungy musician types (think Dave Pirner, Evan Dando, Dave Grohl, and Beck…among many, many, many, many, many others)…but aren’t rock stars about as Hollywood as they come? And don’t forget, she’s the real reason behind that “Wino Forever” tattoo on the arm of one Johnny Depp, once the king of young Hollywood.

As for Jared, we cut him plenty of slack when he was linked with Cameron Diaz back in the day. Who wouldn’t want to hit that? We gave him a waiver for his dalliance with Scarlett Johannsen for the same reason.

But Jared has also been linked with the likes of a pre-K-Fed Britney Spears; Ashley Olsen; Lindsay Lohan…and, most recently, Jessica Simpson.

The expression “a kid in a candy store” comes to mind…but Jared, just because you can have all the candy you want doesn’t mean you’re supposed to grab the stuff that has fallen on the floor and been passed around the room a few times. Be at least a little choosy. Your body will thank you for it later.

And yet, despite their similarities, Jared is probably the most envied man in Hollywood right now…while Winona is just a dirty, dirty whore.


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