Deep Cuts: Beck

I became a Beck convert when I saw him perform “Debra ” at the KROQ Acoustic Christmas in 1999. At the time, I was only familiar with “Loser, ” “Devils Haircut ” and “Where It’s At, ” but I really dove into his back catalog after seeing him live. Even though he’s widely regarded as one of the most talented and prolific musicians of the last two decades, his music hasn’t done very well on the singles charts. In 12 years, he has only one Top 10 single (“Loser “) and just six other songs charted on Billboard’s Hot 100. Beck is one of those post-grunge artists that have a ton of good songs that are either too quirky or too meticulous for rock radio. Several of these songs were released as singles and did chart on modern rock radio, but still manage to fly under the radar of the casual Beck fan. The others are album cuts that probably haven’t sniffed much airplay. Either way, Beck has a lot of tracks that just haven’t garnered the attention they deserve, so it’s a great time to present Beck’s Deep Cuts:

“Beercan” – Mellow Gold
The modulated vocals on this track are probably enough to turn pop radio listeners off, but once you get to the groovy chorus, they’re barely noticeable. Since the song is about partying, it is aptly titled. Out of nowhere Beck uses a sample from a Care Bears album where a young girl states, “I’m sad and unhappy. ”

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Deep Cuts: Weezer

How deep can Weezer get? Well, according to some, this is where the whole “emo” thing began, dear listeners – but I enjoy Weezer, so I’m not in that camp. The nice thing about the band is that they have plenty of tracks that weren’t hits or singles that still sound just as good, if not better. And though they sort of petered out by the time Make Believe rolled around (at least to my ears), the run up to that point was a pretty fruitful one. So here’s a batch of Weezer tracks that aren’t “Buddy Holly,” “Hash Pipe” or “Beverly Hills.” Can you dig it? I knew you could.

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Deep Cuts: The Police

Few bands in history have enjoyed the impact the Police created when they started up in the late seventies. Nobody knew who they were, but when Sting began belting out “Roxanne” over the radio airwaves, it was the beginning of an era. Through five studio albums – and God willing, perhaps the recently reunited band will provide us with a sixth album in the not too distant future – the band had its share of hit singles, in particular “Every Breath You Take,” which was a global #1. But many less acclaimed songs on each record were works of art in their own way, and a sampling follows after you click here.


Deep Cuts: Pink Floyd (the podcast)

If you’re curious to hear (most) of the songs I picked for the current Pink Floyd Deep Cuts piece, then head on over to Sniff The Tip and listen to your ears’ content. That is all. Happy weekend to you all.


Deep Cuts: Pink Floyd

When it comes to a band like Pink Floyd, assembling a Deep Cuts list can be rather easy, if only for the fact that the band really didn’t release too many singles during its time. Of course, once they got the ball rolling and F.M. radio stations took off playing entire chunks of their albums, picking Deep Cuts gets a bit trickier. All in all, a basic paradox. For the most part, though, this list uncovers some groovy nuggets before the band became larger than life with Dark Side of the Moon. There are also a couple selections from that famed album as well, and some other odds and ends during their big heyday and post-Roger Waters era. If you only know the band from their biggies, then this list is for you. All the diehard fans can chew over the selections as well and remind me of anything I may have missed. If your personal favorite isn’t here, there may actually be a good reason for it.

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