5 Ways to Get Noticed in the Entertainment Industry

Are you a struggling artist? Do you wonder how to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other hopefuls on the web? While there’s no single secret to success, you can beat the odds if you’re smart, diligent and prepared for all possibilities. Here are just five tips for finding success in the music biz.

1. Use Social Media Wisely

While it might be tempting to hop on any social network that will have you, a better idea is to make full use of 2-3 networks that best suit your individual brand. For example, if you’re an artist who emphasizes visual imagery, you’ll want to prioritize Instagram over Twitter. If you’re targeting an older generation, most of them are on Facebook rather than Tumblr.

2. Know the Major Players

Not everyone can catch the attention of Scooter Braun, but if you’re an indie artist hoping to strike it big at festivals and concerts, you should know people like Jordan Kurland. Jordan and his fellows can get you seen by major record labels through their intricate networks of contacts, acquaintances and music executives.

3. Join the Community

Whether you’re a sweet soul singer or a headbanging guitarist, it’s important to find your niche within the music industry. Play the right bars and coffeehouses; advertise on the right websites; talk about music on the right forums. The more connections you make within your demographic, the more likely you are to blow up when the time is right.

4. Record a Demo

You won’t get anywhere without a sample of your work to show the public. Splurge on a high-quality recording session in an authentic studio so you’ll have at least a few songs to pad your resume. Most rising stars also have YouTube channels so prospective agents can browse their portfolio without sending away for tapes and reels.

5. Never Stop Trying

The media likes to make a big deal about “overnight” celebrities, but most singers only catch a break after years of hard work and perseverance. Don’t fret if you aren’t lucky right away. Don’t give up if you’re struggling to make it big after several demos or shows. You never know when the right agent will be watching.


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