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For those who enjoy playing slot machine games, often the themes of certain games are what they find appealing. In fact, some players choose which slot machine games to place on the theme. Sometimes the theme is something in which they are interested such as music. Popular music from today is often used in slot machine themes as well as musical trends from the past.

For pop music fans, one slot machine game that holds a lot of appeal is the X Factor slot machine. Based upon the popular music TV show, X Factor, this slot machine has incorporated different aspects of the show into the game. For example, the free spin feature has been dubbed boot camp which can provide players with free spins. In the game, stars can be collected which when they amount to 10, advance players to the live final where they can potentially win even more money. The bonus round features the judges from the show. When three or more judge logos appear, a multiplier is applied to that wager made on that winning payline. With three logos, the bet is increased 20x while four logos increase it 50x. Five icons provide the biggest payout with 200x. Not only do pop fans find the theme fun but they love the many chances it provides to win big.

Some slot machine games focus on past music such as with the game, Vinyl Countdown. Revolving around pop culture of the 1950’s, this machine uses vinyl records in its theme. The game has a total of 9 paylines scattered on five reels. The symbols on these reels all come from the 1950’s. One is a male singer which bears a striking resemblance to rocker Elvis Presley. A female with the characteristic ponytail is another symbol. The wild symbol in the game is a jukebox symbols which can appear on the three middle reels. The glittering ball is the scatter symbol which can lead to further winnings even if not on an activated payline. These music themed slots games and many more are available at


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