Gary Wright: Connected

RIYL: Alan Parsons, The Moog Cookbook; Gary Wright circa 1975

There are arguments about touring with Ringo Starr and his all-star band, which is currently in its eleventh incarnation. Some critics argue that it is a confirmation that you have become a nostalgia act. Some of the artists have used the exposure and experience as a springboard to record new material. That has been true for Ringo himself, who continues to put out consistently good records. Colin Hay, John Waite and Todd Rundgren have also offered new and decent recordings since touring with the former Beatle timekeeper. Now we can add Gary Wright to that list, as he jumps in the time machine and offers up Connected, a pseudo sequel to 1975’s Dream Weaver.

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter adds guitar to a couple of tracks while Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh guest on the opening track “Satisfied,” a funky little tune which seems to stick in your head for several days after first listen. The focus of the music here is the unique and effective vocal style of Wrights in combination with his time capsule keyboard work. They are an excellent complement of each other. The record is most effective when Wright’s unique keyboards funk it up like on “Satisfied, “Get Your Hands Up” and the very spacey and gospel-influenced ” Can’t Find No Mercy.” “No One Does It Better” is also a cut with a slower but equally tasty groove. The record for the most part is delightful and only slumps when it slows down. Tracks like “Under Your Spell” and “Life’s Not a Battlefield” sound preachy and lose the vibe established by the other tracks. The strength of the other material equates to a very solid effort by the former keyboardist of Spooky Tooth. (Larkio Music, 2010)

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