The Gaslight Anthem: American Slang

RIYL: The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day

For a band that’s been recording for five years, the Gaslight Anthem sounds amazingly seasoned on their second full release, American Slang.  The beauty of this album is hearing a band in transition.  They’ve always been rooted in a kind of Clash-like punkish pop, and Brian Fallon’s love of Bruce Springsteen has been evident since their nascence.  If you like the game of “Name That Influence” you’ll certainly hear both the Clash and Springsteen in American Slang, but the band is more than that.  The first three songs on the album just blaze as wonderful anthems, but songs like “Diamond Church Street Choir” show the band stretching out with musical choices that alternate the tempo with a kind of soulful and breezy verse and a soaring chorus. It’s flourishes like that (and the intro to “Boxer”) that illustrate that this band is maturing leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.

American Slang is tight – clocking in at under 35 minutes – and the songs vary just enough that the album never sounds like the band are a bunch of Johnny One Notes.  Often with the pre-release hype of new albums from the “New hot thing” it’s more sizzle than steak, but with American Slang, the Gaslight Anthem has crafted a substantial collection of songs that will be among the best albums of 2010. (SideOneDummy 2010)

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