Paul Westerberg is a musical outlaw


While guys like Jandek painstakingly live by the restrictions of outsider art, Paul Westerberg has found a way to stick it to the music industry on his own terms. Frankly, he’s just not as weird as Jandek, and that’s more appealing to guys like me who like a certain amount of normalcy in their favorite musicians.

Last year, Westerberg dropped his full-length album, 49:00, out of nowhere. The digital album was originally sold on Amazon for 49 cents (the idea that you paid a penny a minute), but legal ramifications quickly marred the release. Since one currently can’t buy the album anywhere, it’s quickly become a collector’s item. (Actually, since a tangible format doesn’t even exist, I don’t know if we can call it an “item.” Somebody out there has those mp3s!)

Sticking to his do-it-yourself ethos, yesterday Westerberg self-released a new EP, entitled PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys. You can buy it here. Thankfully, the EP comes in both digital and disc versions. No press release; no promotion; no nothing. He just did it.

Here’s the tracklisting…

1. “Ghost on the Canvas”

2. “Drop them Gloves”

3. “Good as the Cat”

4. “Love on the Wing”

5. “Gimmie Little Joy”

6. “Dangerous Boys”

and some YouTube uploads from 49:00


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