Sam & Ruby: The Here and the Now

Like many classic couples before them – Marvin and Tammi, Johnny and June, Gram and Emmylou – Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu make music that affirms their mutual affection. Nevertheless, this pair navigates a wide divide, from the seductive soul of “Too Much” and “Ain’t Love Something” to the rootsier realms of “The Suitcase Song” and “Need Me Less.” While most of the songs dabble in softer hues, the supple arrangements – a hint of violins on “Heaven’s My Home,” a bit of brass on the aforementioned “Too Much” – vary the shadings and add to the allure. Although The Here and the Now marks the duo’s debut, one of its entries – “Heaven’s My Home” – garnered a Grammy nod and was also selected for the soundtrack to “The Secret Life of Bees.” If The Here and the Now is any indication, Sam & Ruby have a promising future.

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