Filter: The Very Best Things (1995 – 2008)

In the 13-year span covered on this collection, Filter (or should we really say Richard Patrick, because he is Filter) draws from four studio records and some excellent soundtrack work to create one heck of a greatest hits package. Their releases have been strong, but they also are quite the singles band. The Very Best Things certainly hammers that home with industrial dance hooks and an occasional straight up pop song like the immeasurably subconscious penetrating “Take a Picture” or the hauntingly and mostly mellow “I’m Not the Only One.” The Filter spin on the Harry Nilsson-penned “One,” from the soundtrack to “The X-Files,” is interesting but not great and really the only misstep on the record. “Thanks Bro,” the last track on the disc culled from Music in the Key of X: Music from and inspired by the X-Files features Patrick’s vocals and an acoustic guitar. This is a nice contrast to the other material because it never really rips it out full throttle like the rest of the material does. It serves as a key reminder that Filter can do a little more with a little less and can change things up but still remain true to their sound. The last record, 2008’s solid Anthems for the Damned is only represented by “Soldiers of Misfortune.” Patrick appears to be in a productive mode because Anthems, a remix record of Anthems and this greatest hits package have all been released in the last two years. If he remains this committed and invested in Filter as opposed to the other projects he has been involved in (Army of Anyone, Damning Well) the next best-of will have more than four releases from which to choose. (Reprise 2009)

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