Charlotte Gainsbourg + Beck = an album I will buy


Beautiful French actress/musician Charlotte Gainsbourg is probably most familiar to American audiences by way of Michel Gondry’s film “The Science of Sleep,” in which she played the female lead. Muisc nerds, film buffs, and all of France, however, knows her as the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. So far, she’s only released two albums in her entire career and they’ve each contained the pop goodness that her father always brought to the table. Having previously worked with Jarvis Cocker and Nigel Godrich, Gainsbourg isn’t done collaborating with qualified musicians as it’s been confirmed that Beck wrote all of the new record’s music, some of the lyrics, and produced and mixed the tracks. Hm, Charlotte’s voice and Beck’s musicianship together? Sign me up.

Daughter of legendary French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte Gainsbourg worked with Air, Jarvis Cocker and The Divine Comedy in the making of her debut album 5:55, and she hasn’t scaled down the contributor notoriety for her forthcoming follow-up LP. On KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, Beck revealed that he’s currently working on Gainsbourg’s second album in Los Angeles and Paris.

“I was supposed to work on her last album, but I couldn’t get over there,” Beck said. “Now I’m working on her follow-up record.”

The album, entitled IRM (French for MRI), is set for a January release.


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