This Is a Shakedown!: Love Kills

This Is a Shakedown! market themselves as a little bit of everything; they’re electro meets rock, industrial meets pop, dance meets punk, etc. In reality they’re really just mediocrity meets bland, rehashing the same shtick that Innerpartysystem tried last year; adding synthesizers to tired second-rate emo tunes. They can pile on sequenced electronic patterns, hammer down the synths and distort their guitars with as many effects as their pedals allow, but none of that is going to fix the boring and banal sound of tracks like “Radio,” “Circles” or any of the other 11 interchangeable and utterly forgettable songs on Love Kills. Much of the blame can be placed on the whiny vocals of lead singer Brandon Zano (auto-tune can’t remove his howler monkey yelps) and the generic lyrics he spits out. We get it, Brandon, you’re bummed about a girl. Get over it and sing about something else. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, because there’s nothing spectacularly bad on Love Kills (aside from a very ill-advised cover of My Bloody Valentine), but there’s nothing particularly good on the album, either. This is as forgettable and disposable as rock gets; innocuous, repetitive and bland beyond all belief. (Reversed Image Unlimited, 2009)

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