Adelitas Way: Adelitas Way

If you are sick of what album rock has become – that is, something of a 3 Doors Down/Disturbed/Breaking Benjamin conglomerate, you might want to stop reading now. Las Vegas-based hard rockers Adelitas Way and their self-titled debut album are tailor-made for said radio format, and their brand of hooky rock with raspy, brooding vocals is the style of music that also infiltrates video games, sports highlights and strip clubs. The genre gets more and more tired by the day, but you can’t deny the fact that this stuff is like Krazy Glue on the ears, and it sells like ice cream on a hot day. Lead singer Rick DeJesus does nothing to separate himself from the pack, but his voice is strong and the rest of the band contribute some pretty stellar playing in bringing the songs to life. The best ones are the blazing “Invincible,” the insanely melodic “Hate Love,” and the acoustic gem, “All Falls Down.” If you like this sort of thing, Adelitas Way may be your next big band crush. If not, well, what are you doing still reading this? (LABEL: Virgin/EMI)

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