Super 700: Lovebites

You’d be hard pressed to find another album released this year that embraces the idea of melodramatic pop quite like German septet Super 700’s Lovebites. Fronted by the siren-like Ibadet Ramadani, who has a Liz Fraser beautiful-but-unintelligible thing going with her vocals, Lovebites sounds like the unofficial soundtrack to a love story between a vampire and the Portuguese princess who loves him. It’s haunting and Gothic, but also grounded in rock dynamics, calling to mind the late, great Boston band Tribe unleashing their inner Siouxsie Sioux. “Second in Line” is the album’s showstopping moment, a hypnotic mini-epic that someone needs to send to Motels singer Martha Davis, stat. The strange thing about Lovebites, however, is that as captivating as the songs are while they’re playing, several of them are forgotten almost as soon as they’re over, as if they’re equipped with a memory charm. Undeniably beautiful stuff, but we just wish the moment would linger a little bit longer. (Motor Music 2009)

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