Two Dog Garage: Pinboy

Culver City, California’s Alex Kimmell is a one-man band, and his band is called Two Dog Garage. So as not to confuse matters, let’s call the project TDG, and let’s call TDG’s debut, Pinboy, a rousing success. There are so many flavors of music at work here, as TDG uses paints from the palettes of classic rock, modern rock, and just about everything in between. And he does it with what seems like relative ease. The songs are not just catchy and well recorded; they have the potential to stand up to just about any commercial recording. TDG is unsigned, but that just means you may have to look in the nooks and crannies of the online music world, but you won’t regret anything once you get there. The title track might evoke thoughts of Toad the Wet Sprocket, and “You’ll Go Blind” may remind one of ‘80’s MTV icons the Buggles (yes, the music is that varied). And then there is the utter beauty of “Everything Happens to Me” and “This Beautiful Life.” Oh, and the instrumental “Anesthesia” sounds like what is probably what your body hears when it’s under, well, you know. So go find Mr. Kimmell, errrr, TDG. Tell him I sent you. (self-released)

Two Dog Garage MySpace Page


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