Los Straitjackets: In Concert

When alien civilizations travel here millions of years from now to learn what they can about our ancient society, they will surely be perplexed by “Los Straitjackets in Concert!,” the band’s first concert video. A group of 40-something men wearing black clothes, Mexican wrestling masks – God help bassist Pete Curry if he ever actually had to step in the ring wearing one of those things – and playing surf guitar instrumentals? They won’t make any more sense then than they do now, but thank goodness for them just the same. This show, recorded at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, has everything you can expect from a Los Straitjackets show (though the world-famous Pontani Sisters are sadly absent), from the hokey choreography to the all-Spanish-then-accent-free-English between-song banter. The problem is that a couple of the cameras are constantly out of focus, and the Straitjackets, talented musicians all, will not inspire their fans to do more than nod their heads politely while they’re playing. Still, guitarists Danny Amis and Eddie Angel put on a surf guitar clinic here, and man, is it sweet. 

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