NIN offers brain-boggling options for new material

Has Trent Reznor finally lost it? No one can be sure at this point, but we do know that he’s offering up the new Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts I-IV in a variety of ways.

Amongst the choices to obtain the new material are the following:

*DRM-Free downloads of the first nine tracks of the album, plus a 40 page .pdf file of the artwork, etc.

*A ten-dollar two-CD set, with 16-page booklet to be shipped on March 8, including immediate download with purchase.

*The $75 deluxe-a-rama version, with the regular album, plus a data disc with the album in a multitude of formats, and a Blu-Ray version of the album, all featured in a hardbound fabric-covered slipcase. Whew.

*And for the over the top fan who has to have everything, a $300 package that nets you the deluxe version, plus the album on a four-LP set on 180 gram vinyl, pakcaged in a fabric slipcase. This set also comes with two limited edition Cliclee prints, and the whole thing in numbered and signed by Reznor himself. Limited to 2500 copies, shipping on May 1, with one copy per customer.

Ah, and Amazon is offering the album for downloadable purchase as well. Plenty of choices for fans of all stripes.


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