From Across the Pond: The Hoosiers, “Goodbye Mr. A”

You’d be well within your rights to be skeptical about the quality of music put out by a band that releases their debut album in four different color schemes. (Collect ’em all, kids!) As it happens, however, The Hoosiers – a London-based trio that’s 2/3 British and 1/3 Swedish – are writing and releasing some awesome pop music. Someone suggested that their tunes approximate what The Feeling would sound like if they actually let loose once in awhile, and I can hear that. Dig their biggest UK hit to date: “Goodbye Mr. A.” Our good friend David Medsker will, within mere seconds after hitting “play,” understand exactly why I felt obligated to avoid the formalities and offer the song immediate inclusion in the WillPop 101 syllabus…yes, it’s just that damned poppy…and to go with a superhero-inspired video to boot? Well, that’s just an extra layer of sugar-sweet icing on the WillPop cake.

(FYI, the last time I embedded the video, it was deleted from YouTube, so if the same happens with this one, then this official non-embeddable version is right here.


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