American Idol: The ATL and Storms

Last night’s “American Idol” was the Super Tuesday edition, meaning we were probably going to be interrupted by election poll results throughout the show. But not in Tennessee. We were interrupted more by tornado warnings that were very real and very destructive. The reason I’m telling you this is that it cut into “American Idol” a couple of times. I’m pretty sure that I only missed one result, but I could be wrong and may need you, dear readers, to help fill in the blanks.

The auditions were held in Atlanta, hometown of host Ryan Seacrest…and we got to meet Ryan’s parents for the first time….whatever.

On to the freaks…

The first contestant of the night was Josh Jones, a 26-year-old who sang Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and freaked the judges out by bugging his own eyes out with every note he hit. It was so bad that they made Josh turn around. The thing is, he had a great voice, but then the tornado warning came and I couldn’t tell if he got through. I want to say no, but if anyone knows for sure, please comment below.

JP, who auditioned in Season 4 and said he was two people behind Carrie Underwood in line, really thought he was great. Unfortunately, no one else did. JP sang Rascal Flatts and it was nasally and horrible.

There was then a medley of suck featuring Fergie’s “Glamorous.”

Then Eva Miller, who thought Simon was hot, sang Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” You know, that awful song with a signature piano riff and Carlton’s grating baby-talk vocals that some jewelry company decided to use to infiltrate our minds with crap in their commercials? But I digress. Eva was an arms-a-flailing mess, and she even tripped over herself. Simon said it was a “joke,” and that’s all that needs to be said.

Other clips of freaks included some lumberjack looking dude singing the standard, “Summertime.” Then we had Nathan, a 16-year-old kid who admitted that he was looking forward to trading witty remarks with Simon. Uh-oh. Nathan sang a Finger Eleven song (first mistake), and while he wasn’t horrible, he was still bad enough. Simon called it a “bedroom audition,” meaning Nathan looked like a kid singing in front of a mirror. And that was accurate. But he asked Simon if that was a stock remark, assuming Simon had a list of them to choose from. Simon called him a wiseass, and the rest is history.

The Hollywood bound…

I think her name was Aja, and that it was spelled that way, but the tornado warning symbol on the bottom of my screen blocked it out. Anyway, this girl had just suffered a horrible tragedy, as her dad was killed in a car accident two days before the audition. Aja managed to keep it together, singing LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live?” for her dad. It was really, really good, especially under the circumstances. If this girl has that kind of inner strength and that kind of voice, look out.

18-year-old Brooke, who was “Miss South Florida Fair,” had dud written all over her…but she wasn’t. Simon even expected her to be “pageanty” and was surprised, even admitting that he really wanted Brooke to suck and that she was the “most annoying contestant ever.”

Alexandrea, a 16-year-oldwho sang “My Funny Valentine,” was amazing….and her 93-year-old great grandma was on hand to celebrate the Hollywood berth.

Amanda Obermeyer, a rocker chick who is a nurse by day and rides motorcycles, sang Janis Joplin to perfection, and even took on an extra song to show the judges that she was more than mere imitation.
This girl has serious pipes, and a rock edge that always seems to be lacking in the contestants…well, aside from Chris Daughtry.

Finally, there was Josiah, an 18-year-old kid from Tennessee who admitted to leaving home and living in his car for the past year. It was really sad, and we wanted this kid so badly not to suck. He was odd, singing in a fake British accent which both intrigued and terrified the judges at the same time. But regardless, Josiah got through and is probably driving his beat-up Ford to Cali as we speak.

In all, 19 contestants from the ATL made it through to Hollywood. They said there is one more audition round, tonight, and I’m not sure if it’s in a certain location, or just a medley of bad auditions from the seven previous locations. I am banking on the latter. So buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride with me one more time before Hollywood beckons. See you tomorrow…


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