Video Vault – The New Pornographers, “Your Daddy Don’t Know”

I’ve been going through this really weird musical phase lately, where I’m positively lapping up awesomely cheesy AOR from the ’70s and ’80s. After posing a question to the Audities list – the home of insanely great pop – about some of the best bands in the genre and being pitched recommendations for bands like Shooting Star, Tycoon, and others, it was brought to my attention that the New Pornographers did a cover of a song called “Your Daddy Don’t Know,” by the Canadian AOR band known as Toronto. (Geez, would you have guessed they were Canadian if I hadn’t told you?) I don’t know if the rest of Toronto’s oeuvre is as good as this song, but as long as it’s as least as good as the outfits the Pornographers are sporting here, I sense a best-of purchase is in my future…

Oh, and before you ask, no, I don’t know where you can actually purchase this cover, but I can tell you that it’s on the soundtrack to a Canadian movie called “FUBAR.” The soundtrack itself isn’t on Amazon, but given that it also features Sloan doing Rush’s “In the Mood,” Treble Charger doing April Wine’s “Roller,” and Chixdiggit taking on “The Kid Is Hot Tonight,” I’m half-tempted to click on the below photo and order a copy of the DVD. I mean, if that’s the only way I can hear the tunes, then so be it, y’know…?


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