Less Talk, More Music: Husker Du on “The Late Show with Joan Rivers”

Yes, you read that subject line correctly.

Husker Du were winding up their career right around the same time Joan Rivers was losing steam as a talk show hostess, so it’s only appropriate that their lines on the flowchart should have met up. As many times as I’ve seen this clip, I never fail to get annoyed when Rivers mucks up the title of the first song…it’s “Could You Be The One,” goddammit!…but I love the way the band changed the arrangement from the studio version. Stay tuned for the completely surreal interview segment which follows the first song – when Rivers finds out that the band’s name is Danish for “do you remember,” she finds it inexplicable that no-one in the band has any familial connection to Denmark – and then get your ass rocked by “She’s A Woman (And Now He Is A Man).”


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