American Idol: Three Left Standing

Once again, even though there were just four remaining contestants, we were tortured with a full hour of fluff last night on “American Idol.” Even Ryan Seacrest admitted as much. After announcing that in addition to Barry Gibb, Pink would also be performing, they cut to those stupid interviews of fans outside the farmer’s market. “I like Blake…I like Doolittle….I like Lakisha….Jordin is the best!” Yeah, whatever….we know everyone is going to like different contestants….that’s going to happen when 45 million votes are being counted.

Then Pink sang her new single, “Who Knew.” It was a pretty good song and her voice sounded great, although there seemed to be a problem with the sound. But I’m not sure what it is about Pink. I just can’t look at her…I think she looks so much like a dude that deep down I think she really might be.

Then the final four sang a group tribute to Barry Gibb and The Bee Gees, and it was pretty decent, though these things are getting old.

Finally, they started getting to business at around 8:40 central time. Jordin was the first sent to safety. So we were down to Lakisha, Blake, and Melinda.

Then Barry Gibb sang “To Love Somebody,” and while you have to respect the guy, you know everyone in America was thinking about how much better Jordin sounded the night before on the same song. But props to Barry, that dude has really cranked out some hits over the years.

Then Melinda was safe….I mean, we all know her and Jordin will square off in the final anyway. So it was down to Lakisha and Blake. And more on this, after the break.

Okay, we’re back. Blake is safe, Laksiha goes home. Simon predicted it, Randy and Paula predicted it but didn’t say so, I predicted it, and I think even Lakisha predicted it. She was already rehearsing how not to cry and sing at the same time. Anyway, it was a great journey for Lakisha, and she’s mighty talented. But she just didn’t have enough gas to compete with the two other women left standing. And Blake, he’s toast next week as well.

Two more weeks of fun, people….


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