Oy To the World

Paul Libman got tired of all the bland Christmas music released by pop stars each year, and decided instead to use his Jewish faith and all of the great Chicago musicians that were at his disposal through his music production company, recording an anti-Christmas album of sorts that is all klezmer music.
It’s called Oy To the World: A Klezmer Christmas and the band Libman has assembled is called, appropriately (or inappropriately, if you look at it that way), The Klezmonauts.

Once the novelty of the whole thing wears off, and whether or not you have any religious affiliation whatsoever, you’re left with an album that intends to be funny. And while it is definitely a bit humorous, you can’t help but marvel at the originality and the stellar musicianship. Most of the tracks (including “Joy To the World” and “Away in a Manger”) are instrumental, but there are vocals on Libman’s own hilarious “Santa Gey Gezunderheit” and on a Yiddish version of “Jingle Bells.”

All in all, Oy To the World is going to make a great Chanukah gift this season, but Libman my wind up being surprised at how much those celebrating Christmas will enjoy it too.


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