Deep Cuts: Pink Floyd

When it comes to a band like Pink Floyd, assembling a Deep Cuts list can be rather easy, if only for the fact that the band really didn’t release too many singles during its time. Of course, once they got the ball rolling and F.M. radio stations took off playing entire chunks of their albums, picking Deep Cuts gets a bit trickier. All in all, a basic paradox. For the most part, though, this list uncovers some groovy nuggets before the band became larger than life with Dark Side of the Moon. There are also a couple selections from that famed album as well, and some other odds and ends during their big heyday and post-Roger Waters era. If you only know the band from their biggies, then this list is for you. All the diehard fans can chew over the selections as well and remind me of anything I may have missed. If your personal favorite isn’t here, there may actually be a good reason for it.

Check out the full list here.


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