Van Halen: The new Partridge Family, with 100% more drugs

TMZ says that Eddie Van Halen has found a replacement for bassist Michael Anthony: his 15-year-old son, Wolfgang “Wolfie” Van Halen.

Two interesting bits about this piece of news. For starters, how do you think Wolfie’s mother, former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen Valerie Bertinelli, feels about her high school-age son going on the road with a man who looks like this, father or not? Yumpin’ yiminy.

Second of all, when the hell did Michael Anthony leave Van Halen? Maybe I took that day off, I don’t know, but it didn’t pop up on my radar at all.

Anyway, Van Halen is now Deadie, Alex and Wolfgang. Maybe they can get Marty from “Rock Star: INXS” to sing lead. He has kind of a DLR thing going.


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