Weekend Video Vault for October 20, 2006

Another week, another dollar, another batch of groovy clips to make you scream and holler. Or something like that. I have gathered quite the collection of eclectic music commercials for you yet again, this time spanning the ’70s to the present. Lots of stuff to dance to this week, as well as a bit of nostaliga for the Gen X kids (which I am a part of). So let’s kick it now with a grand feast of 10 lovely videos for your weekend fix.

George Harrison – “When We Was Fab” There’s no doubt in my mind that George Harrison was the funniest of the four Beatles. All you gotta do is watch The Beatles Anthology for proof. While Paul is at his usual taking it all too seriously self and Ringo is just happy to be there, George is lashing out with much acerbic wit. He is sorely missed. I’ve always dug this song and its video (especially the walrus as Paul part) as well as the Cloud Nine album in general.

Thomas Dolby – “Airhead” Aliens Ate My Buick is a blast of an album, and it’s a shame that more people didn’t groove to it at the time of its release. But it was near the end of the ’80s and perhaps Thomas Dolby was looked upon as merely the guy who did “She Blinded Me With Science.” So check out the disc if you haven’t heard it, as it also includes the stunning “Budapest By Blimp” and the ultra-groovy “May The Cube Be With You” (which also has a video but isn’t half as cool as this one).

Teenage Fanclub – “Hang On” Speaking of underapprecaited albums, the Fanclub’s Thirteen is one such specimen. At the time, critics called it overindulgent and lacking in whatever made Bandwagonesque great. But if I recall correctly, Rolling Stone‘s original review of that particular album was 1 1/2 stars. Funny how time changes minds. Since then, Thirteen has grown into something of a cult favorite. I loved it from the start. After seeing this video at the time, I rushed right out and bought it, along with a Soup Dragons album (OK, so that was a poor purchase). I also got to see these guys live at the time Grand Prix was released, and it was a terrific show.

Richard Cheese – “Baby Got Back/Personal Jesus” If you haven’t experienced the thrill that is Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine, then you’re nowhere, baby. Here is a clip of Cheese on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” doing a quick medley of two fine-ass songs. His version of “Baby Got Back” smokes the original.

Robbie Williams – “Rock DJ” If you hate Robbie Williams, then it may surprise you to know what a truly great album Sing When You’re Winning is. It didn’t do nearly as well as The Ego Has Landed, and that’s a shame. Lots of great songs on the album with this being its lead-off single. Robbie unleashes his ego and has it put in check. Cheeky!

Kylie Minogue – “Love At First Sight” Here’s Robbie’s pal and all-around hottie Kylie Minogue shaking it up on the excellent “Love At First Sight” from the equally hot album Fever. When this video made it to the US, a shitty remix of the song was used. Here’s the original in all its…original glory. Disco pwnz.

Public Enemy – “Give It Up” It’s Flava Flav and the gang claymation-style! This song remains a groover, and P.E. always had the good thing goin’ on. Thrill as Chuck D. blasts the evil crackhead with the “culture ray”! I don’t think Flav’s clock is big enough on his clay doppelganger.

Spacehog – “In The Meantime” Another band that never got its due. Oh yes, this was a mega hit, but the entire first and second albums by this band are magnificent, a must buy! The third one wasn’t so hot, so they knew when to call it a day. But no one excavated Bowie territory better than these guys. Plus they were excellent at adding their own special ingredients to the mix which made it so much more than just some group borrowing ideas from one of the greats.

Bee Gees – “Jive Talkin'” By the mid-’70s the Bee Gees were needing something new and fresh to keep them current. Lo and behold, they humped a disco beat and Barry began to sing in a falsetto. The bass line in this fucker absolutely kills. Of course, shortly thereafter the brothers Gibb would pwn the world with their contributions to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. So tell me this, people. On my brother’s original vinyl copy of that soundtrack – as well as on a reissued vinyl copy of my own – “Jive Talkin'” is a live version. However, on the cassette and all subsequent CD offerings it’s always been the original studio take on Main Course. Someone out there please clear up this matter for me, as it’s always been one of the great musical mysteries I want solved!

The Ditty Bops – “Wishful Thinking” Here’s another little group that you need to groove to if you never have. The Ditty Bops have their own good time retro thing going on and Vaudeville fans from beyond the grave count them as cool in their books. So do I.


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