Gonna buy me a condo at The Hit Factory

CBGB’s, Tower Records and The Hit Factory. All biting the dust at relatively the same time. That’s progress, people. Out of the three, The Hit Factory is the only one still making hits. At least with residents, that is. Y’see, the famed recording studio has been converted into residential property. Ah, imagine the history of that place all covered up with new tenants. As we continue to move along and the CD format continues to go the way of the LP, with people everywhere recording music in the comfort of their own homes, the ways of the old guard are completely obliterated. No, I’m not getting sentimental. I actually find this stuff fascinating, as it shows dramatic change and upheaval in a decades-old business. This doesn’t happen so often in such radical ways.

Randy Newman put it best. It is indeed money that matters. Once again cynicism rules the day. Amen.


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