Weekend Video Vault for October 13, 2006

Chalk it up to being Friday the 13th! I tried posting my weekly dose of fave videos for all you who need a fix out there earlier today, but due to YouTube’s gigantic spaz attack of lag and some software troubles, I failed. My original post said that I would say something corny about today’s date and might have even culled together some “unlucky” themed videos, but I was too above that. Well, looks like the day got its revenge on me in the end. Or not. Here’s another 10 far-out rockin’ clips for your eyes and ears to love. Have a groovy weekend and find a new stranger to love, won’t you?

Scissor Sisters – “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” How do you go and top your already trippy groovetastic video for “Take Your Mama”? Well first you write a song that’s as equally catchy and then soak up a lot of acid trauma and good vibes and voila – you’ve done it! I enjoy the look of Ana Matronic in this clip. Now if only I could find a freak mama like that.

Mosquitos – “Boombox” This Brazilian-tinged group has been grooving the hell out of everyone who’s been in earshot of their lovely melodies over the course of a couple albums now. This tune was used in a couple commercials at the time (and it’s easy to hear why – those hooks) and is featured on the group’s self-titled debut disc. Now if only I could find a groovy chick like Juju.

White Town – “Your Woman” Well, at least White Town had one really good song. The rest of the album this cut was taken from was complete boredom caught on tape. The video’s just as good and is an homage to the silent film era. Nice lenses and effects implemented throughout. I have nothing to say in regards to finding either of the leading ladies in this one.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus – “If I Only Had A Brain” The Jesus mails himself to himself. What a way to travel. Now if only expedia.com offered such cheap rates.

Stone Temple Pilots – “Days of the Week” I have no idea why Shangri La Dee Da isn’t revered as the great STP album it really is. That’s OK, as I could never really get into the much more appreciated No. 4. This is the best STP song, period. A short blast of power pop that clocks in at under three minutes with funky visuals and Scott Weiland wishing he could be David Bowie. Now if only these guys could get back together.

Faith No More – “Everything’s Ruined” Yes, Faith No More make their second appearance in the Vault. Shoot me, they made some great clips. This one’s categorically even stranger than the one for “Easy.” It uhhhh…, well you just have to see it, I s’pose. Now if only I could boogie like Jim Martin in this one.

Pavement – “Cut Your Hair” Oh, that wacky Pavement. Although, I’ll never forgive that chick who told me to waste my money on the band’s Wowee Zowee disc. Ouch. Yet here we have the band in full-tilt catchy mode slipping in subtle music biz digs in various symbolism. Of course, they broke up and none of it mattered, but this song is still peachy. Now if only I could drink some of that blue stuff.

Taco – “Puttin’ On The Ritz” Here we have this video in its “Original Uncensored Version.” In this clip, there are people wearing blackface and dancing about. So be it. Nothing could really be more offensive than the look of Taco himself in this video. What’s with that weird head-shifting thing? I loved the After Eight album as a kid and recently re-purchased it on iTunes. I have no idea how I never noticed until listening to it again the other day how the album is almost completely devoid of electric guitars. Now if only Taco could make a huge comeback.

The Waitresses – “I Know What Boys Like” That’s my good pal Chris Butler playing that groovy green guitar (and the person whom also penned all the Waitresses tunes). Chris told me this song, along with the theme to “Square Pegs” and “Christmas Wrapping” all do well enough still to put enough coin in the bank to put his kid through college when that day rolls around. Since then, Butler’s had a heck of a solo career with many fine albums issued. Now if only I had a guitar like that.

Pink Floyd – “Arnold Layne” To close this week, we’ll journey back to the days when Pink Floyd sometimes had a “The” prefacing their name and overbloated epics like The Wall were not even an inkling of an idea. But if you must know, my fave Floyd albums are Atom Heart Mother and Animals. Something about cows and pigs. Now if only I could get a mannequin.


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