Weekend Video Vault for October 6, 2006

Hey kids, I’m back with your weekly dose of music videos to groove to. As usual, it’s an eclectic bunch of songs that should expand your musical horizons nicely. Enjoy!

Maximo Park – “Apply Some Pressure” This is actually the second video shot for this excellent song, and the better of the two (so says I). For some reason, I can’t find Maximo Park’s album for purchase anywhere locally. Weird. Also, if you’re going through a breakup or divorce the lyrics are really nice. Yes ladies, I’m back on the market!

Juliana Hatfield – “Universal Heartbeat” Ah, Juliana. Meee-ow! Rarrr! Lookin’ nice in both a ragged and primped up version in this clip. All set to a nick rockin’ song to boot, too. And if you really dig Juliana, she recently made available once again 31 fantastic unreleased songs for download on her official site. Dunno if they’re still there. Go surprise yourself.

Hall and Oates – “Your Imagination” Yes, it’s Hall and Oates time! This song was a single from the great Private Eyes album, but didn’t chart as well as the other singles taken from it for some reason. Here we have classic ’80s H&O hamming it up for the camera, with G.E. Smith and T-Bone Wolk looking appropriately goofy as they always did. Great song, groovy video.

Geggy Tah – “Whoever You Are” Learn to drive responsibly with Geggy Tah. Who? Yeah, you’ll know ’em as soon as the song kicks in. A good song for driving around to as well as learning from in this highly educational clip.

Foo Fighters – “Big Me” Ah, it never gets old. The best song Dave Grohl ever recorded. If you disagree, take it up with your local congressman.

Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians – “Love Like We Do” This was always my favorite song of Edie’s and also the track that got me to go out and buy Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars at the time. Unfortunately, only this song and “Little Miss S.” really grooved me from that disc, but so it goes. I still dig her shoes in this clip.

10cc – “Donna” An early clip of the great 10cc doing “Donna” for a group of rowdy kids. OK, so I jest about the rowdy bit. Still, this is a great song and one of my all-time fave bands. If you’re familiar with 10cc only through “I’m Not In Love” and “The Things We Do For Love” you owe it to yourself to pick up The Complete UK Recordings which contains their first two (and best) albums 10cc and Sheet Music, complete with all of the extra singles and alternate versions recorded at the time.

Urge Overkill – “Sister Havana” Man, I don’t think these guys ever topped the grooves locked in on the Saturation album. The only thing that comes close for me is The Stull EP, and that of course is missing the tasty Butcher Brothers production job. Nash Kato’s solo album Debutante is also pretty damn tasty. But here the guys hit the big leagues and rocked out mightily.

Frank Black – “Los Angeles” Man, the early ’90s were filled with a lot of great music, weren’t they? No? Bullshit, they were. It’s true though, what they say. You really can’t go back home. Times have changed too much and God only knows when another musical upheaval will come around. It’s all about the products and consumables anymore, maaaaaan. Hey man is that Freedom Rock? Turn it up!

The Rentals – “Friends of P.” All right, the more I think about it anymore, the more I realize maybe Matt Sharp was right for getting out of Weezer when he did. Not that I’m one of those Pinkerton freaks or anything, but seeing how the Weez kept getting larger diminished returns after “The Green Album” there’s much to speculate about there. And, as much as I really loved Weezer at one time, they seem to bore the crap out of me anymore, and that goes for any of their albums. So here’s to you, Matt. And until next week, have a lovely time in the real world, children.


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