Avril outs herself

Apparently, Avril Lavigne recently had a bit of a dust-up with the paparazzi. I say “apparently” because I didn’t know anything about it until I received this E-mail from her label:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Avril Apologizes to Fans

In response to reports that Avril Lavigne recently had a run in with paparazzi while spending private time with her husband, Deryck Whibley, she has this to say:

“I’d like to sincerely apologize for my behavior with the Paparazzi. It’s trying at best dealing with their insistent intrusions. I meant no offense to my fans, whose relationship i truly value. I have and will always go out of my way for my fans. My behavior was a reaction to the persistent attack from the paparazzi.”

Well, hell, you’ve got my attention now!

A quick search on Yahoo! News came up with an article about the incident to which Avril refers. Apparently, while out celebrating her 22nd birthday, Ms. Lavigne approached a photographer from the website TMZ.com with the charming opening line, “Hey fuckhead, come here,” then allegedly spat into his lens. When she returned the following night, she spewed abusive dialogue once again, reportedly – but not definitely – signing photos for autograph seekers, “Fuck you” (and, man, what are THOSE going for on eBay?), then, as her car drove off, spit on another photographer and screamed”Bitch!”



Weekend Video Vault

All right, kids. This will be the official spot for what started last week as my favorite music videos post. There are always too many to just group into a small list, so this will now give you a weekly dose of videos I like for whatever reason. They might be great clips of art, or they might just be so bad they’re good. Either way, we’re gonna groove as the mighty Led Zeppelin once sang. So let’s get to it, won’t you?

Kid Creole and The Coconuts – “Endicott” To start things off this week we have this classic wacky clip from August Darnell and crew. “Endicott” is the tale about a goody two shoes that the ladies all love. Why can’t we all be a little more like Endicott? ‘Cause we’re free…thank God we’re free.

The White Stripes – “Fell In Love With A Girl” LEGOs make the whole world a happier place. I don’t know what else there is to say besides that, really. I’m waiting for the official White Stripes LEGOland models to be released. Tapping into a whole new generation of fandom.

Faith No More – “Easy” Suffice it to say that Faith No More’s cover version of this song blows the original away. Suffice it to say that watching the band cavort around with a bunch of transvestites in a hotel room is even better. Mike Patton’s total look of boredom throughout is classic. Take that, Lionel Richie!

Utopia – “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” This was the song that got me into Todd Rundgren’s vast catalog of music way back in my high school days. It’s got a nice cheapo quality to it, and I always really liked those shifting scenes. Hey, I’m a sucker for simple but effective transition effects, what can I say? Unfortunately, Utopia never really got their due. Perhaps they were too alternative for even the ’70s and ’80s. Go figure.

Adrian Belew – “Oh Daddy” Featuring Belew’s daughter Audie on background vocals, this was one of those things that was just destined to be a fluke novelty hit. And it basically was, though the rest of the album it was taken from (Mr. Music Head) was one of Belew’s finest. Like Todd Rundgren often does on his albums, Adrian played the whole kit and caboodle of instruments on the disc. Sweet nostalgia.

Talking Heads – “Road To Nowhere” Talking Heads put out a slew of great, bizarre videos, but this one probably perfectly encapsulates their surreal weirdness the best. None of it has to make sense, so therefore it doesn’t. Just don’t let your shopping cart get away from you.

David Bowie – “Let Me Sleep Beside You” A super early clip of Bowie for a killer track a lot of fans may not even know about. As you can see, even in his pre-Ziggy Stardust fame the man just exuded cool attitude and is simply a joy to watch even in a basic no-frills clip like this. Man, I wish I could have been him…well, without all the coke, getting rail thin, and plucking out my eyebrows, anyway.

Lou Reed – “Rock and Roll (live)” Definitely file this one under “so bad it’s good.” This rare clip from a 1974 show in Sydney finds Lou at his jacked-up amphetamine best, with his hair dyed blonde and his body convulsing in embarrassingly hilarious “dance moves.” I promise you won’t get the image out of your mind ever. Just let it wash over you and drown in the insanity.

The Art of Noise – “Close (To The Edit)” If I have to explain why this video is cool, then there’s no hope for humanity. Seriously, how can a punk rock kid and three dudes destroying beautiful instruments not rule? Whoops, I just explained it. Oh well, I suppose there’s no hope for me.

Whale – “Kickin'” You may recall this group from their hit “Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe.” Well, if you’ve never tried it, score a copy of the band’s album We Care. It’s one of a kind and spreads itself across a whole rainbow of groovy genres. This is the opening track on the album, and there’s nothing else like it on the rest of the disc. Come back, Whale. Your silliness is missed muchly.


Lost Bands: Gunbunnies

Like so many disaffected teens with a jones for new music, I spent some time working in music retail…and one of the many bands I discovered during this era (1989 – 1994, with some time off to attend college) was the Gunbunnies. Signed to Virgin Records back in the days when the label was flooding stores with promotional copies of albums by their new artists, we scored both cassette and CD promos of their debut album, Paw Paw Patch, and it’s clear Virgin had high hopes for these guys.

Their single, “Stranded,” was picking up quite a bit of college radio airplay, and the critics were loving the fact that the album was produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson (Big Star, the Rolling Stones, the Replacements). Plus, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Chris Maxwell, had put together 10 songs that could hold their own with bands like Guadalcanal Diary, House of Freaks, and the like…and although he had a highly competent band behind him, Maxwell was practically a one-man band; he played guitar, harmonica, trumpet, and electric sitar on the album!

Poised for success…? Yeah, not so much.

The Gunbunnies disappeared after Paw Paw Patch…and I mean really disappeared. Not only was there no follow-up album on Virgin, there was no follow-up, period. Maxwell didn’t even go solo; he just vanished.

Well, okay, he didn’t vanish vanish; if AllMusic.com can be trusted (and they usually can), he left music altogether for about five years, then returned to play bass for They Might Be Giants and to do some production work for artists like the Lunachicks…but, of course, that’s if this is the same Chris Maxwell. Can anyone confirm or deny…?


A new favorite site for music geeks everywhere:

Concert Ticket Generator.

Any site that can enable you to produce this ticket stub…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

…is all right in my book.

Plus, you can turn your fake ticket…wait, this is a fake?…into a refrigerator magnet or a sticker. Oh, the possibilities…!


File under: Evil and very, very wrong

VH1’s Best Week Ever brings us this clip from GorillaMask Media of …”Muppets With Attitude.”

That’s right: Kermit and the gang deliver a hard-hitting cover (well, okay: a surprisingly well lip-synched mash-up) of NWA’s “F@#k the Police.”

Enjoy. And then pray for your soul.


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