Journey: “Feeling That Way/Anytime”

That “Separate Ways” video (on inspired me to listen to some Journey, and I have to mention the band’s two most underrated songs. “Anytime” was one of the band’s first hits from Infinity, and peaked at #83 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. It is now usually played on classic rock radio with “Feeling That Way,” which is a slow building rocker that showcases Steve Perry’s unique vocals, the group’s patented harmonizing and one of the band’s better guitar solos. After hearing the pair played together a few times, the ending of “Feeling That Way” screams for “Anytime,” another groovy rocker with a slow beat and an infectious chorus. The two songs were left off of the band’s Greatest Hits compilation that came out in 1988. With clunkers like “Be Good To Yourself” and “I’ll Be Alright Without You” and a running time of just under 62 minutes, Columbia Records has no excuse. Sony had the chance to correct the mistake in 2001, but failed by leaving “Feeling That Way” off of The Essential Journey, which was a double-disc compilation. What a slap in the face.

Listen to a song clip here.


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