Jandek’s up and running again

Man, I was getting impatient there. But you have to expect the unexpected from Jandek, even after all this time. So imagine how genuinely thrilled I was to see that there are two new releases from the J-Man, and it’s only February. The first is called Khartoum Variations, and the second a big, DOUBLE DISC LIVE SHOW called Newcastle Sunday. And of course, since I own all the other Jandek albums, I happily plunked down a total of $18 for these new CDs. Gee, I wonder what a “Deep Cuts” of Jandek’s would be like. Mmm-mmm! So many possibilities!

A lot of folks think that my owning the full Jandek catalogue is just a joke, but it is not. My owning Frampton Comes Alive! is a joke. Jandek, on the other hand, still continues to do his own thing and will be talked about long after Peter Frampton has died, long after no one gives a shit anymore about discussing Sgt. Pepper. We don’t need any more Beatles books. Now, more Jandek music, that’s another thing entirely, and it will be a gas as usual to see how many albums the man releases this year.


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