American Idol: The Finalists Revealed

After a grueling period where the remaining 44 “American Idol” contestants had to fly solo in front of the judges, they all had to wait a few days before sitting in a room and being called in one by one to learn their fate. Only 24 spots would be open to the finalists, the ones who are going to let America’s voters determine their fate.

There were definitely some surprises, such as the lispy 16 year old kid, Kevin, from Long Island. I mean, this kid is not that great of a singer–how does he keep on advancing? Rebecca and Heather both look better than they sing, but that always seems to count for something, especially with Mr. Cowell. Mrs. Marley said they both look like strippers and I would agree but I have never been to a strip club (yeah, I don’t believe me either).

Early on, they showed a lot of the contestants that were learning bad news, but the first one that they showed who advanced was Katharine McPhee, a spunky chick with a really good voice who definitely deserved it. But the funniest part of the show was when she expressed her appreciation by kissing each judge, ON THE LIPS. Ewwww. Okay, maybe her kissing only Paula would be pretty hot.

Some of the other finalists included Ace, the dude who looks like Scott Stapp but sure doesn’t sing like him or act like him in public; Lisa Tucker, who is only 16 but has a monster voice and was an early Marley choice to make it far; David, the crooner, and I have no idea how he made it; Paris Bennett, another favorite of mine who should easily go far; Mandisa, who forgave Simon for saying she’d need a bigger stage, then got the good news that she would get a chance to sing in front of America….well deserved I might add, she is awesome; and Brenna, the annoying girl who Simon somehow liked despite saying she had a horrible attitude…..I have one word for you: Ratings; there was also Taylor Hicks, the harmonica-toting gray-haired southern boy who Simon doesn’t get, but trust me, America will and he deserves to be here.

There were also quite a few that advanced that we didn’t see auditions of at all before this. That’s proof that there is just way too much Ryan Seacrest on this show and not enough meat and potatoes.

Finally, I’m sure most of you noticed for the first 50 minutes of the show that Darrell and Terrell, the Jackass Twins, were absent. We all read in the papers that they had been arrested on forgery and theft charges, but we didn’t know at what point during the taping of “American Idol” it was until they mentioned it . As it turns out, these self-described “model citizens” were nothing but jackasses, and criminals at that.

So we’re down to 12 guys and 12 girls……the real “American Idol” starts here. Are you guys ready to start voting?


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