Stephen Malkmus: “It Kills”

Ever woke up in the morning with a song in your head? That was the case this AM for me. The song? “It Kills” by indie rock icon Stephen Malkmus. Released last year on his third solo record, Face The Truth, the track is a slow rocker which features great guitar and vocals from the former member of Pavement.

Great, now I’m going to have it in my head all day.

Listen to a sound clip here.


The Singer of Songs PWNZ j00!

Hey! You think you’ve heard great cover versions of your favorite tunes, right? Wrong, my friends! I want you to thrill to The Singer of Songs singing those hits! The man has a magical voice and his MIDI accompaniments are stellar. I discovered this dude while browsing through Dare To Sing, so you know this is hot shit indeed. If your iPod needs a little juice, then The Singer of Songs will take it to all new musical galaxies!


Opie And Anthony PWN j00!

And now, here’s a little video montage I created in tribute to XM’s greatest commodity, O & A. It originally aired on Sniff The Tip, but it now being shared for all at YouTube, and alas, here. Music by The Beastie Boys. Rock steady.


First Lennon, now Morrissey.

Do all my musical icons seem so shady in the eyes of the FBI…? reports that Morrissey was “asked” to sit down and chat with the Federal Bureau of Investigations to make sure he wasn’t a threat to the U.S. Government. There is no truth to the rumor that this was because they were scared that his new album was going to be another Kill Uncle


What a very odd thing to say.

In doing a search to confirm that the Subways are indeed on Sire Records, I did a search to find the Sire Records website. Yes, I figured it was, but I searched, anyway…but, while the first listing was indeed for, the tag line beneath it read, “With a history dating back to the New York punk scene of the ’70s, the label continues to release unrelenting rock by bands like The Distillers, Hot Hot Heat, The Futureheads, Mandy Moore, and The Von Bondies.”

Um…I’m as big a fan of Coverage as the next guy, but even *I* wouldn’t use the words “unrelenting rock” and “Mandy Moore” in the same sentence.


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