Stern’s big debut

Well it is finally here. Howard Stern made his debut on Sirius satellite radio today. We’ve already discussed my alliance with XM, so I can’t tell you if it was any good or not. But hey, Howie is promising listeners stripper poles and live sex on his show. OK, is it just me or is listening to people have sex about as unoriginal as it can get? And who can see stripper poles on radio? Nice, Howard. How about something new and refreshing instead of boobs? I certainly don’t need to pay 13 bucks a month to hear the same old “Oh wow…look at those. And those are real? Oh honey those are perfect. Turn around and show us your ass…oh yeah. You got a couple stretch marks there, but I’d still do you. If only my penis wasn’t so small.”

Still, Howie seems bitter. As per the article:

On Monday, caller after caller wished Stern luck — and he reacted with annoyance.

“I’ve been doing years and years of shows but I get irritated when people wish me luck,” he said. “You should have wished me luck 25 years ago.”

Yeah that’s good. Get pissy with all the folks giving you money. Assclown.


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