Sock hop at Giant Eagle

This probably happens to people from every generation at some point, but I was absolutely rocking at the Giant Eagle grocery store earlier today when I was shopping. Among the songs I heard:

“A Little Respect,” Erasure
“Cars,” Gary Numan
“Lessons in Love,” Level 42
“Some Like It Hot,” Power Station

There was a point where I would cringe whenever I heard a song I liked in a supermarket or drug store (the time I heard Split Enz’s “One Step Ahead” Muzak style at a Walgreens was almost too much to bear). I’m over it now. I felt like dancing down the aisles while these songs were playing. Though I admit I looked at the 70-year-olds and wondered what they thought of it all, knowing that someday, that will be me, while some sorry-ass Lifehouse song is playing and all I want to do is swallow the end of a double barrel shotgun and end the pain once and for all.

But for now, I’m dancing.


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