Time for bed

So my wife has been working late this week, and the duty to put our four-month old daughter to bed has fallen to yours truly. When 8:00 PM rolls around, it’s time to take her into her nursery, put on a CD, and rock her to sleep to the music. Normally, I’ve been sticking to the tried and true – Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson – but, this week, I’ve tried to branch her out. The soundtrack thus far has been…

Monday: XTC, Skylarking. She was out by the time “The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul” came on.

Tuesday: Colin Hay, Man @ Work. Somewhere around “Looking For Jack,” I felt the telltale twitching of sleep.

Tonight: Tears for Fears, The Seeds of Love. Clearly, the kid was tired; we weren’t even all the way through “Sowing the Seeds of Love” before she had passed out enough for me to carefully transition her from my arms to her crib.

I don’t think Jenn works late tomorrow, so I probably won’t have daughter duty…but, if I do, I’m considering The Blue Nile‘s Hats.


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