We can’t have it much better than this

In support of their latest album, You Could Have It So Much Better, Franz Ferdinand delivered one spectacular live performance after another, including an October show at The Greek Theater in LA. John Paulsen from Bullz-Eye.com was there:

“Live and in person, the new album played quite well. The first single, “Do You Want To,” garnered a considerable reaction from the crowd, while their energetic live performance of “What You Meant” has subsequently made it my favorite track from the new disc. Kapranos introduced one song in the middle of the set by saying “it’s an old one that we don’t play very often.” The track? Just the monster 2004 hit, “Take Me Out,” which the band still seems to enjoy playing, even for the billionth time.”

Click here for the full review. Also, don’t miss John’s review of You Could Have It So Much Better:

“They could have kept touring. They could have stayed out on the road for another year, hitting the same cities over and over, continuing to push their self-titled debut while making loads of cash. Instead, they avoided the usual post-tour extended vacation and moved into a country house just South of Glasgow, to write and record their sophomore effort, You Could Have It So Much Better. It was a risky move – the debut was just a year old and continues to sell like hot cakes (assuming that hot cakes still sell well). While the band still likes their first disc, they wanted to move on, and after listening to YCHISMB, most fans will be grateful they did.”


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