Sweatin’ behind the kit

The members of Our Lady Peace had just put the finishing touches on Healthy in Paranoid Times and were camping out at the infamous Viper Room in L.A., doing a series of shows in preparation for their upcoming opening dates with the Rolling Stones, when drummer extraordinaire Jeremy Taggart sat down with Bullz-Eye’s Red Rocker to talk about the new record and his utter disdain for “Rock Star: INXS.”

Bullz-Eye: Looks like you guys have been making a second home at the Viper Room lately?

Jeremy Taggart: Yeah, we’re just doing a bunch of small shows, kinda helping to get the bugs out. Good to play stuff in a small place and in front of people real close. Helps us get a better feel for this new record.

BE: How much have you been playing live the past few months?

JT: These are the first five or six shows we’ve done in a long time. We did a small show in Buffalo, one in Toronto, one in San Diego, and these Viper Room shows.

BE: Must feel good to sweat again behind the kit?

JT: Yeah, it’s awesome.

BE: How’s the new stuff being received at these shows?

JT: Really well, I mean, everything’s been overwhelming. Playing it feels great, and the reaction has been, like, they’re getting it the way we’re getting it, you know. It’s been great.

BE: You guys really toiled over this new record. It was three years in the making and, from what I’ve read, it was quite a struggle.

JT: Yeah, it was a struggle, but this whole record is a resolution of that struggle. It’s all the turmoil and adversity and bullshit we went through kinda behind us, and this is what we came up with at the end.

Find the full interview here, and see what Red had to say about Healthy in Paranoid Times.


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